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It's not an ordinary chatbot

Ever been frustrated with chatbots? We get it. That’s why we’re doing things differently.
Using the latest from OpenAI, our AI is smarter and more versatile.

AI Made Simple.

Build an AI assistant that can do it all: help customers, manage bookings, analyze data, and more.
Add it to your website or use it to make your work smoother. It’s the next step in AI, made easy for you.

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How it works

New Chat
Click the New Chat button and complete the quiz, which will pre-train your assistant.


Go to training section in your Control Panel, start chatting with your assistant about things you need it to know. You can tweak the output by adding additional instructions to get better responses the next time.


File upload and scraping
If you have a source (documents or a website) you need your assistant to learn and remember - simply upload all you want in the training section


We did our best to make our widgets as universal and pretty as possible, but if you wish you can tailor the design to your needs before embedding on your website


Click the button and choose whether you want to embed your assistant as a floating icon or a full-width container somewhere on your website.
Alternatively, we can do this for you!



Why should you use it?

Try our own assistant and see what it could do for you.

24/7 Availability

AI assistants are available around the clock, ensuring that customers can get assistance, answers, and information anytime they visit the website, regardless of the time zone or business hours.

Cost-Effective Solution

Employing an AI assistant can lead to significant savings in the long run. Rather than investing in extensive customer support teams, businesses can use AI to handle a large volume of queries, only escalating complex issues to human agents.

Improved user experience

Instant responses about products and services greatly elevate the user experience. By offering real-time information, trust is built with consumers. This continuous engagement not only retains visitors but directly drives increased sales and fosters lasting customer loyalty.

Frequently Asked Questions

We know it all may sound complicated, but our mission is to make it easy.
Check out this section and get in touch if you need to chat about anything
  • Do you have an affiliate scheme?

    Yes! Upon registering you will be able to request affiliate access. Once approved you will be able to generate your unique link which you can send to your customers.
    You will be getting paid 10% of their base plan renewal fee every month.

  • What languages do you support?

    Even though our website is in English, all languages are supported. For the best results we recommend to write instructions and upload files in the target language.

  • How do you protect privacy?

    We value your privacy as if it was our own. This is why we’ve decided to give you a choice in settings whether you wish to save your assistant’s conversations.
    By default we’ll save conversations in the database so you can keep track of what your customers want. If you disable this, no information at all will be saved, keeping your customers safe and secure.
    Please note, we are using OpenAI API and your users questions are sent there. According to their privacy policy those questions are retained for 30 days and are not used for any marketing purposes.

  • Can you configure and install this for me?

    Yes, we’d be more than happy to help you with it. Get in touch with us and explain what you need.

  • Can I include one chatbot on many pages?

    Yes, each chatbot may have a different personality. If you have three websites about the same you can easily use one chatbot across all of those.

  • What are tokens and how much do I need?

    Tokens are our virtual currency. Every message takes up tokens that are deducted from your monthly balance. From our observations it averages about 1000-2000 tokens per conversation.


Need more tokens?

If you need more tokens you can always purchase them in your control panel.

  • Explorer
    Give us a try
    per month
    • 1 Chatbot
    • 10000 tokens
  • Basic
    Dive in AI
    per month
    • 3 Chatbots
    • 20,000 tokens
    • Leads Capture
    • Custom Design
    • WordPress integration
    • Delegate Access
  • Geek
    Dive in AI
    per month
    • 10 Chatbots
    • 50,000 tokens
    • Leads Capture
    • File Uploads
    • Custom Design
    • GPT-4 Access
    • WordPress integration
    • Delegate Access
  • Full Access
    All Features
    per month
    • 20 chatbots
    • 150,000 tokens
    • Leads capture
    • Custom design
    • File Uploads
    • Almost instant support
    • GPT-4 Access
    • Wordpress Integration
    • Live Agent Takeover
    • Remove Branding