Terms and Conditions

Last Updated: 26 September 2023

These Terms and Conditions (also hereinafter referred to as these “Terms and Conditions”) govern the relationship between the following registered company with name: Golden Minute LTD, with registered office location at First Floor, 59 Coton Road, Nuneaton, CV11 5TS, United Kingdom and the user, you, regarding the website: The company Golden Minute LTD is the operator of the site and will be hereinafter referred to as “FlowChat”.

You acknowledge that you have reviewed and comprehended these Terms and Conditions, agree to be governed by its terms of usage, and agree to abide by all relevant laws and regulations by utilising or browsing this Site.

Do not enter or otherwise use this site if you do not accept the conditions of use as stated in this agreement.


These Terms and Conditions may be amended/ altered/ changed from time to time. Users may receive notice of such modifications. You, however, commit to checking these Terms and Conditions for changes on a frequent basis. You agree to any changes to these Terms and Conditions by continuing to use this Site.

Copyrights and Intellectual Property

You understand and acknowledge that all proprietary works, material and information on the website, are copyright and property of FlowChat and its member companies such as any subsidiaries that FlowChat may have including any external third party individuals or companies that may have an interest in FlowChat’s material, information and proprietary works. Additionally, all such proprietary work, information and material are protected by the laws of England & Wales and international copyright laws. FlowChat can have the capability and full/complete discretion to modify or adjust the website and/or such copyrights as it is their sole property, at any time and without notice.

No Warranties

The website is based on AI technology and you may utilise our AI assistant to conduct some tasks and ask questions. However, you understand and acknowledge that the AI assistant may provide you with false information.

In fact, the accuracy, completeness, promptness, suitableness, and appropriateness of the material contained on the site, as well as any products or services mentioned on the site, are not guaranteed or warranted by FlowChat, despite our best efforts to maintain the details on this site as current and precise as possible. This website and the material on it are being provided by FlowChat on a “as is” basis. FlowChat makes no representations or guarantees about the website or the information. The website might include typographical, factual, or other mistakes.

Regarding the subjects discussed, FlowChat makes no commitment to revise the Information or provide advice on new developments. Additionally, the Information may occasionally undergo changes or modifications without prior notice.

Limitation of Liability

FlowChat hereby waives any and all accountability and liability and will not be held responsible for any damages, harm, injuries, liabilities, expenses or obligations, including any special, consequential, direct, indirect or accidental damages, irrespective of how they have been suffered, that are in consequence of, or the inability to utilise, the details and information on this site; irrespective of how these damages, harm, injuries, liabilities, expenses or obligations arise; or if FlowChat has been advised of the fact that such damages, harm and other similar things may arise.

In the event that these Terms and Conditions are broken, you concur to hold FlowChat, its managers, executives, staff members, partners, and vendors harmless and indemnify them from any and all losses, injuries, fees, and expenditures, including without limitation to, reasonable attorneys’ fees.

Hence, if you breach these Terms and Conditions, FlowChat shall be compensated by the breaching party for its reasonable legal fees which in any way relate to the breach of these Terms and Conditions. Further, by using the Website, you hereby agree that breach of these Terms and Conditions will give us the right to seek damages for any losses and damages incurred as a result of breach of these Terms and Conditions and/or with regard to such violation.

User Behaviour

The use of vulgar or abusive language as well as any type of harassment on the Site, including by email, is strictly prohibited.

Invalidity; Waiver

If for any reason any part of these Terms and Conditions is found to be invalid, illegal, or otherwise unenforceable, that provision shall be severed from these Terms and Conditions and the remaining provisions shall continue in effect.

The failure to exercise any right provided in these Terms and Conditions shall not be a waiver of prior or subsequent rights.

Duration and Termination

You are subject to these Terms and Conditions of use as soon as you use the Site. FlowChat may end this Agreement, in whole or in part, at any moment, for any cause, and without giving prior notice.

Governing Laws

Any disagreement or allegation stemming from your use of the Site or the Information shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of England & Wales applicable herein.

The laws of England & Wales, including the principles governing choice of law, shall govern this Agreement and any dispute, lawsuit, or arbitration arising out of or in any way connected to it or to the relationship between the parties. Any legal action arising out of or in any way connected to this Agreement or the relationship between the parties must be filed in a court within England & Wales. You voluntarily and irrevocably submit to the venue and jurisdiction of such courts.

Entire Agreement

The Parties acknowledge and concur that these Terms and Conditions (as amended by FlowChat from time to time and at any moment) represent the complete and exclusive understanding of the Parties with respect to the subject matter of these Terms and Conditions, replacing any proposals, agreements, or other prior interactions.