How to add it to my website


Integrating the chatbot into your website is a seamless process designed to offer flexibility based on your preferences. Whether you want the chatbot to appear as a floating icon or embed it within a specific page, we’ve got you covered. Here’s a step-by-step guide to help you with the integration.

Embedding the Chatbot on Your Website

  1. Access the Embed Option:
    • In your control panel, locate and click on the “Embed” button. This will open a popup with integration options.
  2. Choose Your Embed Method:
    • Iframe Embedding:
      • You’ll see a code specifically for iframe embedding. This code allows you to embed the chatbot directly within a specific section of your website.
      • Copy the iframe code and paste it at the desired location on your website where you want the chatbot to appear.
    • Script Embedding:
      • There’s also a script code provided. This code is designed to add a floating chatbot icon to your website.
      • Copy the script code and paste it into the header or footer of your website. This will ensure the floating icon appears consistently across all pages.
  3. For WordPress Users:
    • In the same popup, you’ll find an option to download a dedicated WordPress plugin.
    • Once downloaded and installed on your WordPress site, navigate to the plugin settings.
    • Enter your chat ID in the provided field.
    • You now have two options:
      1. Use the provided shortcode to embed the chatbot at specific locations on your site.
      2. Tick the “Enable floating icon” checkbox to automatically display the chatbot icon across your entire website.

Tips for Successful Integration

  • Test the Integration: After embedding the chatbot, visit your website to ensure it appears and functions as expected.
  • Positioning: If using the iframe method, consider the user experience. Position the chatbot in a location that’s easily accessible but not intrusive.
  • Stay Updated: If you’re using the WordPress plugin, ensure you keep it updated to benefit from any new features or improvements.

Embedding the chatbot on your website enhances user engagement and provides immediate assistance to visitors. By following the steps above, you can ensure a smooth integration process and elevate the user experience on your site.