Additional Commands


The “Additional Commands” feature in the Training & Preview tab of the assistant configuration is a powerful tool that allows users to fine-tune the behavior of their chatbot. By adding specific commands, users can guide the chatbot to better understand its purpose and context, ensuring that the chatbot meets the specific needs of its audience.

Why Use Additional Commands?

  1. Enhanced Understanding: By adding commands, you’re essentially providing context to the AI, helping it better understand its role and function.
  2. Improved Accuracy: Address potential misunderstandings or ambiguities in the chatbot’s behavior.
  3. Customized Behavior: Tailor your chatbot’s understanding to fit the unique requirements of your audience or business.

How to Add Additional Commands

  1. Navigate to the Training & Preview Tab: Access the assistant configuration and select the Training & Preview tab.
  2. Locate the ‘Additional Commands’ Section: This is where you can input specific commands to train your chatbot.
  3. Input Your Command: Type in the specific instruction or context you want your chatbot to recognize. This doesn’t dictate a specific response but rather informs the chatbot’s understanding.
  4. Save Changes: Always ensure you save any changes made to ensure the chatbot incorporates the new commands into its understanding.

Tips for Using Additional Commands

  • Be Specific: The more specific your command, the better the chatbot will understand its context. Avoid vague instructions.
  • Test Regularly: After adding new commands, test the chatbot to ensure it behaves as expected. This iterative process helps in refining the chatbot’s behavior.
  • Use Real-world Examples: Think of scenarios or questions users might pose and craft commands that help the chatbot understand how to handle such situations.
  • Review and Update: Over time, as the chatbot interacts with users, you might find areas of improvement. Regularly review and update the commands to ensure optimal performance.

Remember, the “Additional Commands” feature is a way to provide the AI with more context, not to dictate specific responses. The goal is to enhance the chatbot’s understanding, leading to more relevant and accurate interactions with users.