Sources and file uploads


The “Sources & File Uploads” feature, located in the “Sources” tab, is a pivotal tool that allows users to enhance the knowledge base of their chatbot. By uploading files or providing links to be scraped, you can feed the chatbot with additional information, ensuring it has a richer and more relevant database to generate responses from.

Why Use Sources & File Uploads?

  1. Expand Knowledge Base: Enrich your chatbot’s understanding by providing it with additional resources.
  2. Customized Responses: Equip your chatbot with industry-specific, niche, or proprietary information to make its responses more tailored to your needs.
  3. Improved Accuracy: The more relevant data the chatbot has access to, the more accurate its responses will be.

How to Use Sources & File Uploads

  1. Navigate to the Sources Tab: Access the assistant configuration and select the “Sources” tab.
  2. Choose Your Input Method:
    • File Upload: Click on the ‘Upload’ button and select the desired file(s) from your device. Ensure the files are in supported formats.
    • Link Scraping: Provide the URL of the webpage you wish to scrape. The system will extract relevant information from the provided link.
  3. Submit for Processing: Once you’ve uploaded files or provided links, submit them. They will be processed and sent to the vector database and saved for your chatbot.

Tips for Using Sources & File Uploads

  • Quality Over Quantity: It’s essential to provide high-quality, relevant sources. Uploading irrelevant or low-quality data can dilute the chatbot’s effectiveness.
  • Regular Updates: Industries and information evolve. Periodically review and update the sources to keep the chatbot’s knowledge current.
  • Supported Formats: Ensure that the files you’re uploading are in formats supported by the platform. This ensures smooth processing and integration.
  • Monitor Performance: After updating the chatbot’s sources, monitor its performance. If there are issues or inaccuracies, consider revising or removing certain sources.

By effectively using the “Sources & File Uploads” feature, you can significantly enhance your chatbot’s performance, making it a more valuable tool for your users.