Delegating access to managers


Managing a chatbot can be a collaborative effort. Whether you want to share the workload or get insights from a colleague, our platform allows you to delegate access without compromising the security of your account. Here’s how you can invite managers to help oversee your chatbot.

Step-by-Step Guide to Delegate Access

  1. Navigate to the Options Tab:
    • Access the assistant configuration and select the “Options” tab.
  2. Invite a Manager:
    • Locate the section for delegating access.
    • Enter the email address of the person you wish to invite.
    • Click on the “Send Invitation” button.
  3. Awaiting Registration:
    • The invited individual will receive an email containing a registration link.
    • They must click on this link and register using the same email address they were invited on.
  4. Accepting the Invitation:
    • Once registered, the invitee will see a message about a pending invitation in their control panel.
    • By accepting the invitation, they will gain access to manage your chatbot.
  5. Shared Badge Indicator:
    • After the invitation is accepted, a “Shared” badge will appear next to the chatbot in your chatbots list. This serves as a visual indicator that the chatbot is being managed collaboratively.

Things to Note

  • Security: This method ensures that you don’t have to share your password, keeping your account secure.
  • Access Level: Managers will have the ability to access and manage the chatbot. Ensure you trust the individuals you’re inviting.
  • Multiple Managers: You can invite multiple managers if needed. Each will have to go through the same registration and acceptance process.
  • Revoking Access: If, at any point, you wish to revoke access from a manager, navigate to the “Options” tab and manage your list of delegated managers.

Delegating access is a powerful feature that promotes collaboration while maintaining account security. Whether you’re looking to share responsibilities or gather diverse insights, this feature ensures a seamless and secure experience.