Integrations are powerful tools that can significantly enhance the capabilities of your chatbot. By connecting your chatbot with other platforms and services, you can automate tasks, sync data, and provide a richer user experience. We currently offer three primary integrations: WordPress, Calendly, and Lead Capture. Here’s a guide on how to utilize each of them.

Integrations Breakdown

  1. WordPress Integration:
    • Setup:
      • Begin by installing our dedicated WordPress plugin on your website.
      • Once installed, provide the URL of your website in the integration settings.
      • Click the “Sync” button and select the objects you wish to sync. These can be public post types such as pages, products, posts, or any other custom post types you’ve created.
    • Functionality:
      • After approving the sync, we will fetch the content of the selected objects.
      • As long as the plugin remains active on your site, we will continuously update our database with the content from your site multiple times a day.
  2. Calendly Integration:
    • Setup:
      • Provide your Calendly username in the integration settings.
      • Specify the trigger condition for the Calendly form. For instance, if you want the form to appear when a user expresses interest in a callback, you might use the condition “when the user wants to request a callback.”
    • Functionality:
      • Based on the trigger condition, the chatbot will present the Calendly form to users, allowing them to schedule appointments or callbacks directly through the chat interface.
  3. Lead Capture Integration:
    • Setup:
      • In the integration settings, specify the delay for the lead capture form, i.e., after how many messages the form should pop up.
    • Functionality:
      • After the set number of messages, the chatbot will display a lead capture form to the user.
      • All captured leads will be stored in the “Leads” section of your control panel for easy access and management.

Tips for Successful Integration

  • Sync Regularly: For the WordPress integration, ensure that the plugin remains active and updated for continuous and accurate syncing.
  • Test Triggers: After setting up the Calendly and Lead Capture integrations, interact with the chatbot to ensure the triggers work as intended.
  • Review Captured Leads: Periodically check the “Leads” section to review and act on the captured leads.

Integrations are designed to bridge the gap between your chatbot and other platforms, ensuring a cohesive and efficient system. By leveraging these integrations, you can make your chatbot a more powerful and versatile tool for your business.